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How To Decide On A Suitable Pet Stroller For Your Canine Friend

Pet parents try not to leave a single stone unturned to give their furry babies all the comfort in the world. Gone are those days when you had to leash your pooch and tag it along every time you are outdoors for a walk, a jog, or to the grocery. You can invest in a pet stroller and enjoy your time outside with your furry baby without any hassle. 

 These strollers are also best for pets suffering from mobility impairment. Besides, small dogs may get tired fast from a long hike, and having a stroller can help them tag along painlessly. 

 But, not all dog strollers are the same. You should know a few things before you decide to invest in one. Scroll on!

 Pick the right size

Take the right measurements of your dog to know which size of the stroller will help it fit in. Measure its height from the floor and width to get an idea about its size. You may also need to take accurate measurements of your dog in the standing position so that they get enough room to move inside the stroller. If your furry baby is still growing, you may need to invest in a bigger size. 

 Choose the best style

The pet strollers come in different types and styles. While some are open, some others have a shed to protect your canine friend from the sun and harsh weather. Depending on the purpose of the stroller and where you intend to take it, choose a suitable style for your furry baby. Then again, you need to decide between a collapsible stroller and a traditional one, based on your specific requirements. While the former offer enhanced portability, it may also be a tad more expensive than the latter. 

 Consider the terrain 

Where do you intend to use the stroller? Will you take your dog for a rocky climb uphill, or just to the nearby grocery store? Choose the pet stroller accordingly. If you wish to take your dog to morning walks and jogs, the small-wheeled stroller may not be the right choice. You may need to scale up for a more advanced model. 

 How many pets?

If you have more than one dog, and you do not want to leave any of them behind, invest in a big-sized stroller to accommodate all of them. Make sure that they have enough room to be comfortable, snug, and safe inside the stroller, even if they are being naughty. However, more than one large dog may not fit inside the stroller, so the size of your canine friend is a deciding factor for sure. Do you have one small dog and a large one? Take the former in the stroller and make the sibling hike along. They can also take turns and sit in it. 

You should also check if the stroller is 100% safe for your furry babies. Put a harness around your dog, even when it is seated in the stroller. Check the lock on the wheels before buying to prevent unfortunate incidents. And last but not least, be alert at all times, especially with the brakes, the harness, and of course, your furry baby. 

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