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Photocatalyst Multi-Purpose Pet Odor Eliminator
Photocatalyst Multi-Purpose Pet Odor Eliminator
Photocatalyst Multi-Purpose Pet Odor Eliminator
Photocatalyst Multi-Purpose Pet Odor Eliminator
Photocatalyst Multi-Purpose Pet Odor Eliminator

Photocatalyst Multi-Purpose Pet Odor Eliminator

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    Petique's Multi-Purpose Odor Eliminator is a powerful solution for eliminating tough stains and odors. It uses non-toxic, eco-friendly photocatalyst technology that works continuously for 24 hours to break down bad odor molecules. It's safe to use around pets and children and can be used on any surface.


      • Photocatalyst technology works with air molecules to dissolve and decompose odor molecules, neutralizing bacteria odors and converting them to H2O and CO2.
      • Works within 30 seconds in the dark!
      • Helps to completely eliminate the smell rather than mask it.
      • Safe for pets and children
    • The formula for the photocatalyst is free of sulfates, alcohols, harsh, irritating chemicals, and detergents. It also eliminates unpleasant odors.
    • Eliminating even the most potent ammonia odor, particularly from concentrated dog and cat urine.

    • PET SAFE
      • Leaves surfaces safe for your pets to keep on playing without any worry about harmful chemicals or toxins
      • Completely safe to use on their skin and skin wounds
      • Safe if it accidentally gets in the eye or mouth
      • Fragrance-Free; no harsh chemicals or ingredients
      • Perfect for pets and people with smell sensitivity
      • Used on carpets and tile
      • Combats cat odor in litter boxes
      • Removes pet odor in the yard and kennel surfaces
      • Ammonia and methane odors
      • Pet beds, cars, pets and furniture


    • Spray on poop and pee stains to dissolve and decompose the bacteria odor and remove stains
    • Spray on bloodstains and scrub or wash out the blood
      • Perfect for pets with periods
    • Get rid of pee stains and odors on carpets and curtains with our safe and effective Multi-Purpose Odor Eliminator. It's pet and child-friendly, so no need to worry about accidental exposure. Share your experience in the reviews.


    Step 1:

    For light stains, spray 1-2 times. For deep and tougher stains, spray 3-4 times.

    Step 2:

    For carpet and other soft materials, leave in for a few minutes for maximum effect before scrubbing or washing away the stain and watch the dirt come off. On hard surfaces, wipe off residual moisture.

    Step 3:

    Use the Instant Odor Eliminator X+ to mist into the surrounding air to eliminate residual odors.

     Care Instructions

    Storage: Do not place in direct sunlight. Store in a cool dry place. Good for 6 months after opening. 


    Composite titanium dioxide, lauryl alcohol ethoxylate, coconut fatty acid, ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid, sodium tripolyphosphate, sodium carbonate, citric acid, potassium adipate, benzoic acid, methylisothiazolinone, purified water.

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